Fire Permits for the 2011 Season are now being written. If you require a permit for burning, please stop by the Caribou Fire Department and a new permit will be written for you.

Caribou Fire Department provides permits for: Caribou, Connor Twp., New Sweden, Westmanland and Woodland.

Important information regarding permits:

A Fire Permit is required for any open burning.
Permits can be obtained from your local fire department, your local fire warden, or a Forest Ranger, depending on your jurisdiction and the location where the burning is to take place. Fire permits may also be obtained online for a fee of $7.00 via the Maine Department of Conservation.

Any person who engages in outdoor burning that is prohibited by statute or who fails to comply with the conditions of the permit shall be guilty of a Class E Crime.

The Permittee is responsible to follow all safety guidelines, have a written permit in their possession while the burn is taking place, and assure that no nuisance is created.

Furthermore, the permittee is responsible for the fire. If the fire escapes, the permittee may be liable for supression costs up to $10,000, in addition to any damages caused to life or property.

Fires MUST be attended at all times!

No open burning of rubber products, asphalt shingles, wire insulation, tar, paints, solvents or plastic products!

You must apply for a fire permit in person. A permit will be issued for the full year. You will be required to call the Caribou Fire Department to activate your permit prior to any burning. Not calling to activate your permit is the same as burning without a permit.


Caribou Fire Department Open Burning Guidelines:

1.You must call prior to buring to activate your permit! Please be ready to provide your permit number prior to calling.

2.You must follow safety requirements shown on the permit or otherwise provided by the department.

3.For campfires, the fireplace must have rock, brick, or metal containment and be no larger than 3 feet in diameter

1.The fireplace must be at least 20 feet from any building or other significant exposures.

1.Permit hours are from 8:00 AM until 12:00 AM (midnight) each day. Typically, burning before 5:00 PM is not allowed. Please contact the station for details.

1.Fire Permits can be activated at any time before 9:00 PM.

1.You are only permitted to burn natural wood. No burning of painted or treated wood or other materials.

1.The smoke from any fire must not bother your neighbors. If complaints are received, you may be asked by Caribou Fire or Police personnel to extinguish the fire and are mandated to comply.


Thank you for your cooperation!
Questions? Please contact the Caribou Fire Department at (207) 493-4204.

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