Motor Vehicle Fires

What you need to know:

If there is a fire, what should I do?

  • Get yourself and all others out of and away from the vehicle. If the vehicle is in a garage or other structure, exit immediately.
  • After you are a safe distance from the vehicle, call the Fire Department (911) and tell them the location of the fire.
  • Remain away from the vehicle.¬†Do not¬†attempt to get back into a burning vehicle to retrieve personal property.
  • Never put yourself in dager using a fire extinguisher. If you do use a fire extinguisher, only do so from a safe distance and always have a means to get away.
  • It is recommended to use a fire extinguisher approved for use on class B and class C fires.
  • Do not open the hood or truck if you suspect a fire is underneath. Air could rush in causing rapid fire growth.
  • The dangers of motor vehicle fires are often overlooked. Each year, this fires kill over 550 people and injure thousands more. Toxic gases and other hazardous substances, flying debris from explosion, and other mechanical failues combine to produce serious danger.
  • Beware of the front a rear bumpers. These bumpers have the potential to explode and launch from the vehicle. Never stand near the front or rear of a vehicle that has been compromised by fire or other means.