Caribou AED Locations

“Defibrillation within the first minute of sudden cardiac arrest can save the lives of up to 90% of its victims. However, with each minute of delay until defibrillation, the survival rate drops by 10% (American Heart Association)”

Caribou Area Locations:

  • Aroostook County EMA / Caribou Court House
  • Caribou Alternative / Adult Education Center
  • Caribou High School (2 Units)
  • Caribou Middle School
  • Caribou Police Department Cruisers (3 Units)
  • Caribou Ski Trails Clubhouse
  • Caribou Wellness Center
  • Cary Medical Center
  • Connor Township Elementary School
  • County Physical Therapy
  • Holy Rosary Church
  • Loring Jobs Corps Center (Security Office Penobscot Dorm)
  • Maine Military Authority (Caribou)
  • Maine Military Authority (Loring) (6 Units)
  • Maine Veterans Home
  • New Sweden Elementary School
  • New Sweden Town Office
  • Pines Health Services (Caribou)
  • Pines Health Services (Loring)
  • Woodland School